Phantom Parties

Have a little downtime between investigations? How about throwing a Phantom Party with your friends? Pick out your favorite ghostly movies, glue a jewel to your forehead to look properly mysterious for our tips on table tipping and whip up some ghostly goodies to munch on with our recipes!

Download your own Phantom Party packet with more ideas for your sleepover or ghost-themed party!


Table tipping

A form of séance, table tipping quickly became a popular alternative to counting out the rapped alphabet developed by the Fox Sisters in the early 19th century–it just took too long to spell out a sentence.

In the early 20th Century, home parties sprung up to perform this quick and relatively easy way to chat with the dead instead of using a professional medium. All it took was a dedicated group of about four people, a small table and the ability to not freak out when the nightstand started dancing. It was reported in some groups that the table would move by itself across the room as long as the “tippers” were able to keep their hands on its surface. Other times, the table would tip from one leg to another in response to a yes or no question. Some home parties heard merely loud raps from underneath the table, so be prepared!

To try it on your own, follow these steps:

1.    Determine how you’re going to record the information received: voice recorder, friend who can take notes while not at the table, or videotape.

2.    It’s easy to get distracted if and when the table starts to move, so have some questions ready to read outloud if you’re trying to reach someone in particular.

3.    Find a small table where you and your friends can sit comfortably around – getting a response might take a while. Don’t try to tip the dining room table; you don’t want it landing on your foot if it rises off the ground!

4.    Dim the lights to create a spooky mood. Turn off all other noises such as televisions, radios and little sisters.

5.    Table tipping works best if you relax and have fun with the experiment. If you get all stressed out about what might happen, it may not work and you’ll have to try again.

6.    Have everyone place their hands on the table and concentrate on having something happen - moving, tipping, rapping – and ask your question. It works best if hands remain on the table at all time, especially if the table responds, so don’t break the bond by running in small circles if something exciting happens.

7.    It’s okay if nothing happens the first few times, you’ll get into the ghost groove with more practice so keep trying!


Let’s take your psychic skills for a test drive! Some people are able to learn about the history of an object such as jewelry, eyeglasses or clothing through touch. Psychics use this skill to help investigators discover more about a case through the material objects left behind. Want to discover what’s behind the mystery of that old ring?

1.    Hold the object lightly in your hands and relax.

2.    Concentrate and allow your mind to receive messages that may come to you through touching the object. You’re using your senses to interpret its history so look for certain smells, tastes, sounds, feelings or mental visions that pop up.

3.    The first images are usually the strongest. Have a friend record what you say while describing your feelings so you can interpret them later.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Make your own floating head (or body) with this simple game that defies explanation.

1.    Have one person lie on the floor while the rest of your guests surround them, slipping two fingers beneath the body.

2.    Starting with the guest at the head, begin a story of how your poor friend met her untimely demise, having each guest add to the tale until you complete the circle.

Have each girl repeat one part of the chant:

·    “She doesn’t look well”
·    “She’s looking worse”
·    “Dibs on her boyfriend”  (Just wanted to see if you were paying attention)
·    “She’s almost dead”
·    “She’s a goner”

3.    As you begin to lift the body, have all participants (except the body, she can’t move unless she’s a zombie) repeat, “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” until she feels weightless and is lifted off the floor.

This may take a little practice so don’t give up if your friend isn’t bumping into the ceiling on the first try.


Post-ghost Granola
·    6 cups oats
·    3/4 cup honey
·    3/4 cup veggie oil
·    2 tsp vanilla extract
·    1 tbsp nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice

Heat the oven to 300 degrees and mix ingredients in a high-sided pan.  Bake for 30 minutes, turning oats every ten minutes. Remove from the oven; turn the granola once more then let cool.

Mix in:
1 cup mini-marshmallows
1/2 cup M&Ms or chocolate chips
1 cup dried fruit such as apricots, banana chips, pineapple

Take along in a zippered bag for a quick nibble on the go, with yogurt for breakfast the next morning, or as a dip for your next ice cream cone!