Phantom or Fake? Your friendly neighborhood chicken may be able to help

When weird things start to happen, it’s important to stop – take a deep breath – and take a close look at what’s really going on. Most paranormal activity can be easily explained by natural causes such as animals or weather so don’t lose your head even if you see a floating one coming at ya. Okay, you have my permission to run if that happens.

Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell if what you’re seeing is real or if your mind is playing tricks on you. That’s when your investigative skills kick in and it’s time to whip out your notebook.

Need a little reminder? Think of your friendly neighborhood chicken:

  •     H: Hands – Can you feel a cold or hot spot? What is the temperature in the room? Tuning into your sense of touch can be a big help in determining the overall vibe of the room since when you’re focused on ghosts, you may become more in tune with your environment.
  •     E: Eyes – What can you tell about the phenomena? Did you see something scoot across the room? If it’s a ghost, what are they wearing? Many times investigations are done in dimly lit rooms and your eyes can trick you into thinking you’ve seen something that didn’t really happen. Always stick with a buddy who may be able to confirm what you’ve seen.
  •     N: Nose – Is there a smell that suddenly appeared? Can it be traced back to a person who is currently standing near you or is it dinnertime in the neighborhood? Sometimes someone’s supper smells can waft in through an open window or vent and make you think you’ve stepped into a paranormal event… and make you hungry.
  •     S: Sounds – Can you pinpoint the source of the sound? Rodents can wiggle up walls and beneath floorboards so be sure to ask if the family has had problems with pests before. If you think you hear something, start recording an Electronic Voice Phenomenon session and see if you can pick up more on what they’re chatting about. You may find that it’s simply someone downstairs looking for fruity cereal at midnight.