Finish the ghost story!

You've learned the basics on how to tell a great ghost story, now let's write it down and share on the website.Send it to me at and let's see what happens to Poppy!

Darkness suffocating the room, I hesitated before turning around to face the mirror. What if the stories were true? What if I did find a girl trapped within, a girl who looked like… me? Before the sleepover, I didn’t believe my friends when they told me they had seen me on the wrong side of the glass, my fists pounding against the silver frame and my lips pulled back in a scream they couldn’t hear. If I was here with them now, how could I possibly be locked inside a mirror?

Melanie said that I had to see it for myself, that I had to face the ghost in the mirror and tell it to leave. I told them they were crazy but here I am so who’s the crazy one?

Breathe, Poppy, you can do it.


How would you finish the story? Does Poppy turn around to look in the mirror or does she run out of the room to come back with her friends? If she goes into the mirror, how does she get out? Does she return or is she trapped forever behind cold glass and what is waiting for her on the other side?

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