Ghoul School: Teachers, Scout meetings, PTO fundraisers and bookclub meetings

Forget about the silent auctions, scavenger hunts, and picking gum out from under the desks -- have a Ghoul School event with the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide

Available in the Northern Virginia region, I'd love to come to your school event to show kids the ropes to safely and responsibly investigate what's haunting the tater tots. PTO/PTA organizers, this is an excellent and fun event for the family plus a great way to raise money for your school. 

Learn the basics:
  • Types of ghosts
  • Where to find ghosts
  • Safety and responsibility during investigations
  • Investigative techniques and why it's not always as it seems on television
  • Research and deductive reasoning
  • Equipment
  • Techniques
    • EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena
    • Dowsing rods
    • Pendulums
  • What the heck do I do now?

Sample schedule:

30 minutes: Ghost hunting tips, safety, and equipment
20 minutes: Questions and practice
45 minutes: Investigating the school and playground
15 minutes: Discussing results

Bookclubs and Scout meetings:

Discuss the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide over Skype then get ready to go on your own investigations! 

Scouts: Create your own ghost hunting badge! 

Contact me at stacey.i.graham[at] for more information and to schedule your visit.