Getting your ghost groove on

Ghosts have been around longer than the Brussels sprouts in the back of your fridge and with a little help from THE GIRLS' GHOST HUNTING GUIDE, you may be able to track them and find some answers but first let’s go over a little background.

Energy cannot be destroyed nor created so after the body dies, what happens to all that good stuff floating around inside of you? Well, no one knows for sure though each belief system has its version of where the spirit ends up. What interests many ghost hunters isn’t the destination but those few spirits that somehow get trapped between life and the happily ever after we’re all looking for. How did they wander off? Turned away for bad hair? Sticking around to see what happens next? Or do they simply not know they’re dead yet?

There are a few theories by paranormal researchers:

  • Unfinished business. Some ghosts won’t be able to leave until they’ve wrapped up the loose ends of their life. They may feel the need to tell someone one last time they’re sorry or that there’s $20 taped to the bottom of the cat dish.

  • To give a warning. Others may feel that they can’t leave until they’ve done the best they can to warn loved ones that there is something coming around the bend and they’d better buckle up, Buttercup.

  • To return to a place they loved. Sometimes ghosts have a harder time saying goodbye to a location than your Aunt Annie does to the McDonald’s drive-thru.

  • To avenge their murder or right a wrong. These make the best ghost stories, “Who stole my golden aaaaaaaaaaarm?”

  • Sudden death often confuses spirits into thinking they’re still alive yet no one can hear or feel them. Children are likely to feel this way and want to stick around until their parents come for them. Murder or accident victims are also stuck between two planes of existence, until they understand what happened to their physical body.

So how do ghost hunters find out what the heck is going on out there? A combination of patience, luck and, if you’re lucky, floating heads.

Investigating ghosts isn’t as glamorous as it appears on television. Long periods of time waiting in dusty rooms or basements for something – anything – to happen can suck the fun out of the experience fast. But if you’re willing to look at ghost hunting as an adventure and helping the scientific community with your notes, it’s a great way to learn more about the unseen world around you.